Introduction of SOF

Introduction of SOF: In 2005 Shobujer Ovijan Foundation has formed as a brainchild of a group of young women which is envisioned as a non-political woman headed organization that will serve the women and child at risk to any form of exploitation. The Ovijan (expedition) has initially starts in form of volunteer works and supporting the vulnerable women and children to connect with opportunities available through informal capacity enhancement activities. Later in 2012 ShobujerOvijan Foundation has received the needful registration to receive foreign funds directly.

Shobujer Ovijan Foundation works to enhance the resilience of the working women and their children through the facilitation of collective movement and capacity building initiatives. ShobujerOvijan Foundation has started working with women contributing to the global value chain of readymade garments and their children, later expanded their areas and operation and included intervention for domestic workers, sex workers, transgender communities, adolescent girls, women from ethnic communities, women from vulnerable communities. ShobujerOvijan Foundation facilitate the women to learn about their rights and entitlements and to raise their voice collectively and systematically so that could be heard. The major interventions of SOF includes- education programme for children, leadership programme for young women, violence against women programme, child welfare (labour/trafficking) programme. Apart from mobilizing the grassroot women and institutions, SOF do needful evidence generation as their contribution to the national level feminist movements for policy changes.

Apart from periodic interventions and supporting the feminist movements ShobujerOvijan Foundation have services like Shishu Bikash Kenrda (Day Care) designed especially for the women working in the RMG factories but open to all the children from the nearby vulnerable communities. Women Café is another service-oriented initiative by ShobujerOvijan Foundation, where women can refresh themselves and can discuss about the challenges they are facing in their workplace and their family. The café also provides the opportunity to the women to seek legal advice and support if necessary


Shobujer Ovijan Foundation envisions of a responsive and enabling society that promotes social, cultural and economic development to ensure an equitable life to every women and children


Shobujer Ovijan Foundation facilitates women and children from disadvantaged background to unpack their potentials though required skills and knowledge with an aim to ensure their access to rightful entitlements and services